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Get ready to unleash the power of PicoSure – the tattoo removal superstar that’s earned the coveted FDA clearance and holds the title of the most advanced tattoo removal process! Ascot Vale, your ticket to the most effective tattoo removal is a simple appointment away at O’Laze – your ultimate destination for cutting-edge skin treatments and tattoo removal in Ascot Vale, Melbourne.

PicoSure doesn’t just aim; it hits the bullseye when it comes to tattoo removal. It’s your secret weapon against stubborn ink, including those tricky blues and greens, and even tattoos you’ve tried to bid farewell to before. What’s more, PicoSure brings you the future of tattoo removal with fewer sessions, a speedier recovery, and results that will leave you awestruck, all thanks to its groundbreaking picosecond technology. 

Your path to ink-free skin is just a PicoSure appointment away – are you ready to make it happen?

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PicoSure Tattoo Removal

PicoSure stands as a pioneering achievement in the field of aesthetic laser technology, earning the prestigious FDA clearance for its exceptional capabilities. This groundbreaking laser system has revolutionised tattoo removal, offering a swift path to visibly clearer and ink-free skin. Notably, PicoSure excels in tackling challenging ink colours like blues and greens, as well as tattoos that have undergone prior removal attempts. The key advantage lies in achieving remarkable results with fewer treatment sessions and a significantly improved recovery period.

Whether you seek to bid farewell to the reminders of a wild night out or embark on an eyebrow tattoo removal journey, PicoSure’s state-of-the-art technology is your trusted ally. With its unparalleled capabilities, PicoSure ensures that even the most stubborn tattoos can be effectively and efficiently removed, leaving you with the skin you desire.

Leading Laser Technology

Best Tattoo Removal Process

PicoSure tattoo removal harnesses cutting-edge technology by employing ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy directed into the skin. These precise pulses induce a photomechanical phenomenon known as the “PressureWave,” strategically targeting the ink while preserving the surrounding unmarked tissue. 

The PressureWave effectively shatters the tattoo ink into minuscule particles resembling dust, making them readily absorbable and eliminable by the body’s natural processes. This advanced technique ultimately leads to clearer skin with fewer treatment sessions, all achieved without causing harm to the adjacent skin.

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Shorter Pulse, Better Results

Unlock the power of innovation with picosecond technology – a pulse width that’s a whopping 100 times shorter than its nanosecond counterpart. When it comes to permanent tattoo removal in Melbourne, O’laze stands as your trusted ally, delivering unmatched results.

  • Picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology.
  • Only ultra-short pulse durations trigger photomechanical effect.
  • With this short pulse width, half the fluence is required compared to nanosecond lasers.

Whether you’re ready to take the leap and schedule an appointment or wish to explore our comprehensive range of laser tattoo removal services, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

PicoSure utilises picosecond pulses, offering faster results and reduced side effects compared to traditional Q-switched lasers, which use nanosecond pulses.

PicoSure is known for its ability to target a broad spectrum of tattoo colors, including challenging colors like blue and green.

Yes, the shorter pulse duration of PicoSure is believed to cause less damage to surrounding skin tissues, potentially reducing the risk of side effects such as scarring and pigmentation changes.

Yes, PicoSure is often considered effective for removing tattoos that have proven difficult to remove with previous laser treatments.

The number of sessions can vary, but some individuals may require fewer sessions with PicoSure compared to traditional laser treatments.

Yes, the shorter pulses of PicoSure may lead to less discomfort during the treatment compared to lasers with longer pulse durations.

Yes, PicoSure allows for precise targeting of ink particles, making it a versatile option for tattoo removal on different skin types and sizes.

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